Blaber Lab Retreat 2009

Amelia Island, Florida

After the Segway tour, the next day we went to the beach, then went to Kingsley plantation.


On the way to the beach Winston found a playground and slide.  Somehow he managed to “injure himself” going down.  Looked painful.


Jihun checks out the Altantic Ocean.  Either this chair is large, or Liam is rather small.


Looks like there was a decision made to remove shoes en mass.


Liam and Winston frolicking in the Alantic surf.  It’s a little windy (you can tell from Liam’s really groovy hairstyle)


A nice picture of Winston and Joanne (how do people get this photogenic?).  Winston is still experiencing the Atlantic between his toes, while Liam appears to have had more than enough.


Here I am obviously making some sort of important and interesting point. Whatever it was, no one was listening.


Off to Kingsley plantation.  Not sure why we decided to go.  It turned out to be rather strange.


We got a “seminar” from one of the rangers.  It was 45 minutes but felt more like 18 hour flight to the Far East.  Imagine 45 minutes devoid of any information content whatsoever, all the while insects are biting you.


After the lecture from hell, we checked out the slave quarters. Not much joy here either.


Liam and Jihun learning about some pleasant Florida history.  The walls are made of “tabby” (oyster shell cement).


Time to go (not a moment too soon).  Even the drive out is creepy.