Blaber Lab Retreat 2009

Amelia Island, Florida

On the last day the weather was a bit nicer and we decided to enjoy the beach. Winston, Joanne, Toffy & Justin went back, and Liam, Jihun, Sachiko & I stayed another day.  The weather turned nice and it was a great day at the beach.


First eat.  Then off to the water’s edge.


Damn those paparazzi.  Liam and Jihun have found a nice area.


I help Jihun with the beach towels; then I claim one for my own.  I put sunblock on my arms but forgot to put some on my legs and face.  Ouch.


Liam’s initial attempt (feeble) at making a sand castle.  He destroyed mine to take the sand.


Liam gets “arty” with a stick and uses a plastic cup for architectural accents.  You can see the location of my former sand castle which Liam razed for precious building material.


Liam’s masterpiece.  Followed by nature’s fury.  “Ah guess ah’ll rebuild…”


I’d like to help you Liam, but I am too busy.  Jihun asks me about the fashion risk I am taking with my ensemble.  I’m a professor – I don’t care.


This dog see’s Liam’s sandcastle and gets a primal urge.  Back at the rental house its time to relax once again.


One of the planters in the backyard had a nest with a bunch of baby birds.  This is the life!

Thanks to everyone who came along and enjoyed a few days of rest & relaxation!