FSU 2013 Innovator Reception

On Nov 12 2013 FSU held its annual innovator reception. Faculty and staff that have developed intellectual property (i.e., submitted a patent application, had a patent issued, or licensed IP) are recognized. This year Dr. Michael Blaber and Ms. Sachiko Blaber were recognized for entering into an option license agreement for FGF-1 mutant proteins (with E&B Technologies) and for licensing a novel mouse jacket (to Lomir Inc.).


Dr. Michael Blaber recognized for FGF-1 mutant protein option license to E&B Technologies. Also shown are Dr. John Teem and his wife Cindy. John was recognized for an issued patent. John and I decided we had both become very distinguished (and that being called distinguished is a euphemism for "what happened to your hair dude?").


Sachiko was recognized as a coinventor of a novel mouse jacket licensed to Lomir Inc.