Visit to the laboratory of Dr. Ryota Kuroki, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) July 19 – Aug 1 2009


This laboratory is located in the Village of Tokai, Japan (Ibaraki prefecture; ~2 hrs east of Tokyo)


Here are some pictures of Muramatsu Kokuzo-son Temple:

Getting there on a rented bicycle (seat was too low).

At the entrance is the hand-washing purification ritual.

Water dispenses from the dragon’s mouth.

Frightening deities guard the entrance.

A panther and bull keep watch.

Sachiko with the panther.

Looks like a lion up on the roof.

The main temple.


July 19th – partial solar eclipse:

Much excitement as the appointed time approaches.

Difficulty finding the sun with all the clouds.


The clouds parted and the eclipse was briefly visible



A typical meal in Japan:

Small freshwater fish; mmm

Some beer also; mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Rather small silverware makes the portions seem larger...

Gobo (burdock) and tako (octopus); mmm


The going-away party (after 2 weeks of work).

Time for Karaoke!

Arai-san, Shoyama-san and Ohhara-san – the “power trio”

There is a request for Tamada-san to sing something by Metallica.  Click here to view!

The “power trio” in a moment of artistic disagreement.

Kurihara-san is feeling the pain within the song (or maybe the sushi was bad).

Okazaki-san soothes the crowd.

Mike sings.  Adachi-san falls asleep.


Meguro-san restores disorder.