Protocols, Worksheets and Tutorials associated with Blaber lab research




  1. FGF stock solutions
  2. FGF expression and purification protocol
  3. FGF sample preparation for biophysical studies
  4. FGF refolding kinetics using an Applied Photophysics SX-20 stopped-flow spectrometer



  1. Refractive index to determine GuHCl concentration
  2. Isothermal equilibrium denaturation by CD
  3. Isothermal equilibrium denaturation by fluorescence
  4. Sample preparation for unfolding kinetics experiment
  5. Analysis of kinetic and isothermal data for reference and mutant protein (the “monster” analysis)
  6. DSC analysis (using DSCFIT software)
  7. Denaturation and DSC Equations for DataFit
  8. Worksheet for Trimer dissociation by DSC
  9. Two compartment pharmacokinetics spreadsheet and DataFit equation



  1. How to keep a notebook & label samples
  2. Phi value” analysis and “chevron” plots
  3. DSC instrument basics and experimental design intro
  4. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) intro
  5. How to insert VRML files into PowerPoint (for creating and rotating molecular images in PowerPoint)
  6. How to run PHENIX under Windows
  7. Model derivations for chemical and temperature denaturation of proteins



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