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Deep Sky Objects



Star clusters



·        IC342 Galaxy

·        IC1613 Irregular Dwarf Galaxy

·        IC2574 Galaxy (Coddington’s Nebula)

·        M31 Galaxy (Andromeda Galaxy)

·        M33 Galaxy (Pinwheel Galaxy)

·        M51 Galaxy (Whirlpool Galaxy)

·        M63 (Sunflower Galaxy)

·        M74 Galaxy

·        M77 and NGC1055 Galaxies

·        M81 Galaxy (Bode's Galaxy)

·        M82 Galaxy

·        M83 Galaxy

·        M94 Galaxy

·        M95/M96 Galaxies

·        M101 Galaxy (along with M33 also known as the Pinwheel Galaxy)

·        M104 Galaxy (Sombrero Galaxy)

·        M106 Galaxy

·       M110 Galaxy

·       NGC55 Galaxy

·       NGC147 and NGC185 Galaxies

·        NGC247 Galaxy

·        NGC253 Galaxy (Sculptor Galaxy)

·        NGC300 Galaxy

·        NGC891 Galaxy

·        NGC1316 (FornaxA) (and NGC1317 and NGC1310)

·        NGC2403 Galaxy

·        NGC2683 Galaxy

·        NGC3628 Galaxy and asteroids Wallace and Strnad

·        NGC4631 Galaxy

·        NGC5128 Galaxy (Centaurus A)

·        NGC6822 Galaxy (Barnard's Galaxy)

·        NGC6946 Galaxy (Fireworks Galaxy)

·        NGC7331 Galaxy

Galaxy Clusters

·        ABELL 426 Galaxy Cluster

·        Additional#10: Part of the Fornax Cluster

·        Additional#25: Part of the NGC4261 Virgo Cluster

·        Cluster of M58, M59 and M60

·        Cluster of M65, M66, NGC3826 in the constellation Leo

·        Cluster of M84/M86 galaxies (part of Markarian’s chain of galaxies in the Virgo cluster)

·        Cluster of M89 and M90

·        Cluster of M98 and M99

·        Cluster of M106 and neighboring galaxies

·        NGC7331 Cluster

Other objects


Wildlife imaged at the Shady Grove observatory with a game camera!

·        Observatory food chain


Video Astrophotography


Bloopers and blunders

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