Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Dr. Michael Blaber 



Lecture 1: DNA as genetic material

Lecture 2: Structure of DNA and RNA

Lecture 3: Bacterial Restriction/Modification System

Lecture 4: DNA Modifying Enzymes

Lecture 5: Intro to Prokaryotic DNA Replication

Lecture 6: Prokaryotic DNA Replication, cont.

Lecture 7: DNA Supercoiling

Lecture 8: DNA Supercoiling cont., Topoisomerases

Study Guide I: Lectures 1 - 8
Practice Exam IA
Practice Exam IA Answers
Practice Exam IB
Practice Exam IB Answers

Lecture 9: Introduction to Bacteria

Lecture 10: Introduction to Bacteria, cont.

Lecture 11: Bacterial Reproduction and Growth

Lecture 12: Bacterial Growth, cont.

Lecture 13: Extrachromosomal Elements, Plasmids, Selectable Markers

Lecture 14: Central Dogma; Genetic Code

Lecture 15: Gene and Operon

Lecture 16: The lac Operon, CAP Site

Lecture 17: lac Operon, cont., DNA Footprinting

Lecture 18: Transcriptional Regulation: Transcription Termination, the trp Operon

Lecture 19: mRNA Translation

Study Guide II: Lectures 9 - 19
Practice Exam IIa
Practice Exam IIa Answers
Practice Exam IIb
Practice Exam IIb Answers

Lecture 20: Gel Electrophoresis

Lecture 21: DNA Sequence Analysis

Lecture 22: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Lecture 23: PCR, cont.

Lecture 24: Cloning PCR Products

Lecture 25: Prokaryotic Expression Vectors

Lecture 26: Protein Sequencing, Peptide Mapping, Synthetic Genes

Lecture 27: cDNA Libraries

Lecture 28: Genomic Libraries

Study Guide III: Lectures 20 - 28
Practice Exam IIIa
Practice Exam IIIa Answers
Practice Exam IIIb
Practice Exam IIIb Answers

Lecture 29: Protein Purification: Assays, Initial Steps, Resins

Lecture 30: Protein Purification: Ion exchange elutions, dialysis, concentration

Lecture 31: Protein Purification: Types of Resins, cont. Plumbing

Lecture 32: Protein Purification, Running the Experiment, Resolving Peaks

Lecture 33: Bacteriophage M13, M13mp Vectors

Lecture 34: M13 Phage Display, bacterial display, DNA binding protein display Libraries

Lecture 35: SELEX System

Lecture 36: Protein-Protein Recognition Probed Using a Yeast Transcriptional Activator System

Lecture 37: Molecular Imprinting

Lecture 38: T.B.A.

Study Guide IV: Lectures 29 - 38
Practice Exam IVa
Practice Exam IVa Answers
Practice Exam IVb
Practice Exam IVb Answers

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