BCH5425 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

These pages contain material relating to a graduate level course in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. The general goal of the course is to cover the fundamentals of applied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. This course makes use of material from Molecular and Cell Biology (Lodish), Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual (Maniatis), New England Biolabs Catalog (!), Bacteria in Biology, Biotechnolgy and Medicine (Singleton) and assorted other publications. 

This project was originally started as an experimental teaching aid for the graduate students enrolled in my course in Spring 1996 (and also for me to learn the basics of HTML). As time went by, however, it became clear that many students outside of FSU also found the notes helpful. The response to the original project motivated me to try to polish it up a bit. The current form is hopefully arranged in a more useful manner.

1997 Michael Blaber
Department of Chemistry
Florida State University

Please feel free to make copies of this material for your own use. However, the material may not be copied for commercial use without the written consent of the author.