Blaber Lab Retreat Sep 16-18 2005

Sandestin Resort, Sandestin FL


After suffering through the agony of moving the lab, we had a two-day lab retreat at Sandestin, Florida.  We rented a three-bedroom condominium for two nights.  The first night we had an international pot luck, which included delicacies from India, Korea, Japan and the U.S.


1.  Guru and Vikash warming up home-made Indian dishes

2.  Jihun and Hyesook preparing noodles and sushi rolls

3.  Vikash can't wait until dinner...

4.  Jihun is somewhat shy

5.  Hyesook and Jihun (still somewhat shy)

6.  Guru, Hyesook and Jihun set the table

7.  A gourmet dinner!

8.  Guru having trouble with his "Mississippi Mud"

9.  Guru, Jihun, Sachiko, Hyesook and Vikash enjoying a wonderful meal!


The next day we explored the Sandestin Resort area and also ventured into Destin for dinner.


10.  The view from our back porch the next morning

11.  Making full use of the door-to-door free tram service at Sandestin

12.  Hanging out at the fish-cleaning table at the Marina

13.  *Panorama* of the Marina

14.  Sachiko in a treehouse near the Marina

15.  Sachiko discovers a Margarita near the Marina


16.  I bought everyone a really cheap hotdog for lunch...

17.  Sachiko left her shopping bag at the hotdog stand, and Hyesook helped her retrieve it.

18.  Guru found a great restaurant that had a 2-for-1 special between 5:00 and 6:00pm

19.  After dinner we went on the Horseshoe Bayou water taxi boat ride.  Jihun, Sachiko and Guru are looking for fish.

20.  Sachiko buys some official food (which no fish appeared to be interested in).

21.  The water taxi arrives...

22.  Everyone is on-board

23.  Captain Guru

24.  Mike and Sachiko (in a rare picture together)

25.  Fireworks started around 9:30 while we were on the boat


The last day came much too soon and we went to the beach one last time before leaving.


26. Our last morning Sachiko made me get up early and go to the beach

27. *Panorama* of the Sandestin beach (where Vikash went swimming with all his clothes on).

28.  Tiny birds running away...

29.  Pelicans - with the wingtips of one of them actually touching the water while gliding

30.  A green flag means its safe to go in the water (but don't, because sharks live there)

31.  The end of the retreat - Sachiko cleaning the sand off her feet.


(c) 2005 Dr. Michael Blaber