Pictures from 2nd ISK meeting Oct 16-18 2007 in Santorini, Greece!


Santorini is an island that is the remnant caldera of a massive explosion in 1550 BC (possibly the origin of the legend of Atlantis).  This is a view towards the center of the caldera.


There are several small towns along the rim of the caldera, they appear to be built into the mountainside and include primitive rocks buildings from the 17th century.

These stairs go from Thira to the docks facing the caldera (where cruise ships off-load tourists).  You can walk, take a donkey, or a cable car.  The donkeys leave a mess on the stairs and it gets quite nasty towards the bottom (as we found out).

The brown building at the top of the hill is the conference center for the meeting.

I am checking out Hyesook’s poster, and Sachiko’s (to the left).  The posters were in an outdoor covered archway that led to an adjacent museum.

View from the conference center, looking towards the town of Thira (Sachiko and me).

View from the conference center, looking towards the caldera (Hyesook and me).

The museum adjacent to the conference center had frescos from 1550 B.C. before the great eruption.  Here is a fresco depicting blue monkeys.  The ancient city must have traded with other countries, since monkeys didn’t live on Santorini.

Clay pots from 7th century B.C., located in another museum on the island.

Hysook, me, Prof. Dr. Eleftherios Diamandis, and Sachiko in the volcanic center of the Sanotorini caldera!