2013 Blaber Lab Retreat – St. George Island

In early October I booked a beach house on St. George Island for a lab getaway. I booked three nights – Sat 10/5, Sun 10/6 and Mon 10/7.  The first thing I did was decline the "vacation insurance" that covers canceled trips due to weather or illness.  Not surprisingly perhaps, hurricane Karen formed immediately after this and threatened a beeline right for St. George Island during the exact days we would be there:

Sachiko and I decided to go out Saturday afternoon and see how things looked.  Not too bad at that point:

So we emailed the lab to say it looked ok…(this boardwalk leads from our beach house to the beach)

Jihun taking a picture on the beach. Sachiko and Russell. Connie frolicking in the surf (at sunset – bad idea, but there is no stopping the natural force that is Connie). A view of the beach house from the beach.

photo2 resized .jpg

That night we had a great meal: Liam, Connie, Russel, Sachiko, Dong, Susie and Jihun (and me)

The next morning (Sunday) the clouds to the west looked ominous, and I thought we were all going to be trapped and Susie thought we were going to starve to death.

But the rain stopped and the sun came out! And there was an excellent lunch..

The weather was beautiful

So Sachiko and I went on a bike ride

Dong and Susie (mostly Dong…) cooked an excellent meal

The next day we went to the East end of the Island to the State Park. Tropical storm Karen had "dissipated" (fizzled out). No worries!

However, Russell was savagely attacked by mosquitos (7 bites vs 0 for everyone else), so we left and went to the lighthouse on the island

picture5 resize.jpg

Susie and Dong:

picture2 resize.jpg

The park had many exciting activities to engage in. Liam may look tiny and feeble, but it is because he is behind Connie.

picture8 resize.jpg

picture7 resize.jpg


Connie and Russell had an urge to race each other… Liam (although perhaps not an athlete) decided to join in…


Russell's game face

photo 5 resize.jpg

Liam and Russel engaged in several exhibitions of their legendary virility…

Liam's game face.

picture9 resize.jpg

But everyone got along (eventually… sort of… in a manner of speaking… after a fashion…)

picture1 resize.jpg

Back to the beach with some great hat styling from Sach and Jihun

Liam and Connie found this old sand castle (no, they did not make it). Liam is faking a smile, but Connie is that pleasant all the time…

photo 2 resize.jpg


photo 3 resize.jpg

Susie found a tiny clam-type thingy

photo 4 resize.jpgpicture3 resize.jpg

Our last dinner (Mon), and Sachiko cooked local shrimp and crab cakes!

picture10 resize.jpg

Russell did not know that you are supposed to peel the shrimp first… bless his heart (as they say in the South)

The last sunset…